Friday, December 22, 2006

RC flight to evangelicalism
An original submission from the Revd Tripp Hudgins

I see the point: ‘as long as it’s a Wal-Mart’ or the big institution with no personal touch and minimal or nonexistent catechesis — pretty much the RC experience for most people, certainly in a heavily ethnic city and ’burbs with humongo parishes like Chicago — does not work, which is why you meet so many nominal (only at Christmas, Easter and/or family rites of passage) or ex-RCs certainly in our age group, Tripp. The megachurches can and do deliver here because those that do break people up into small groups, de facto parishes, so the mega-pastor is more like the bishop of a micro-diocese. (As I’ve written before that’s how some non-episcopal pastors read the Fathers and see themselves.) And what’s wrong with that? Entirely compatible with traditional religion and liturgics.

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