Friday, December 22, 2006

Something to ponder
The Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska has excommunicated Call to Action, a group of Modernist dissenters like the self-hating Jews of the Roman Catholic Church, and rightly so. (The Holy See has backed him in this. Here are comments from me.) Sometime Detroit auxiliary Thomas Gumbleton, titular Bishop of Ululi (I like at least some of his peace witness but not his un-Catholic religion), is said to belong to CTA. If so that brings up an interesting point — it seems that there is ‘impaired communion’ in the Roman Church just like in the Anglican and Orthodox churches. (The Pope tells the truth but on the ground level they’re as fragmented and riven with heresy as the Anglican Communion only without the high culture or tolerant conservatism: would-be mainline Protestants who stay where they are for ethnic and class reasons.) Both +Ululi and +Lincoln are bishops and under Rome but +Ululi would be an excommunicate in +Lincoln’s diocese.

Wonder how the EWTN apologists would answer that one.

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