Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Speaking truth to power
THOU didst courageously rebuke the pious king who had formerly sinned, just as Nathan rebuked David, O all-blessed Ambrose. Thou didst publicly exclude him from Communion. After submitting himself to penance and correction he was numbered again in thy fold.
- Verse from Vespers on the eve, the Byzantine Rite

This Roman official turned Bishop of Milan, and mentor of St Augustine, has as his feast-day the 7th December, or today for those Byzantine Christians using the Julian calendar.

When it comes to open and notorious evil livers, would that the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston or New York had the cojones to do that to actively pro-abortion politicos like the Kennedys, or a Greek bishop to Paul Sarbanes, or an Episcopal or Methodist cleric to George W. Bush.

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