Friday, December 22, 2006

Spotted: wicked sense of humour among Episcopal conservatives
Oh, the humanity

But what’s it really all about, Alfie? Right, here’s the Episcopal row summed up. If the liberals look at it logically a few troublesome dioceses and entire congregations whose views they abhor want to leave them. Shouldn’t they be happy about that? And in a worst-case scenario for them ++Cantuar sides with the majority of Anglicans around the world — non-white, non-rich and non-liberal with hardly a golf-club membership or SUV to be found among them — and the liberal American bishops don’t get to go on a trip to England every few years any more but have their money, their buildings (ones their like-minded congos are using, not empty ones won in court out of revenge) and their people (the shrinking market share of churchgoing white upper-middle-class liberals along with the angry ex-Roman Catholic and ex-fundygelical burnouts who find them) intact. All the liberal angst about ‘schism’ is really spite: ‘people who think suing conservative Christians out of their meeting houses is a virtue’ as MCJ puts it.

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