Sunday, December 31, 2006

A thread on feminism in the world and among Christians
I don’t agree with every opinion here (there, that should cover my arse) but there are lots of valid points
The liberal doctrine on this is a white upper-middle-class phenom.
Liberal religion is a greying one — kids are either secular or interested in orthodoxy.
• Why don’t ‘white upper-middle-class men ... trust their daughters to the young men who should be shouldering the responsibilities of marrying them’?
Equity feminism (good: fair play) vs gender feminism, a distinction I had articulated to me reading Christina Hoff Sommers 12 years ago. Pat Buchanan remembers when the radicals turned on motherhood they alienated hard-working women like his mother, a nurse.
  - Sidebar: The wage gap is nothing to do with discrimination. (More.)
A more balanced view of Frederica Mathewes-Greene. I met her once and found her very pleasant. Orthodox anti-Westernism annoys the crap out of me too but still...
  - Yes, what about that bogus bishop who was invited to the site of those dodgy apparitions in Bosnia?

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