Friday, December 29, 2006

US Army to court-martial soldier featured in PTSD story
The Revd James Konicki writes:
You see, Sgt. Tyler Jennings signed ... a contract and went to serve on the President’s orders. He came back, along with his comrades, unable to cope and quite mentally ill. He sought help, got none. He turned to drugs to cope, and sin of sins he spoke out. Now the army is going to Court Martial this Sergeant.

You see, the contract employer – the Army – can award you a Purple Heart for your physical injuries, and leave your mental, emotional injuries untreated. The contract doesn’t cover the Army’s or the government’s responsibility toward you. If you no longer meet the requirement for contracted materials they will throw you out as just so much surplus.

Beyond that, they will readily ask you to kill the non-existent enemy and to do so without valid reason, your eternal soul not being a factor therein.
And break the contract with ‘stop-loss’, the back-door draft.

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