Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why I don’t post to Yahoo! groups much
Somebody posted this on a list claiming to be Byzantine Catholic: Ranger Rosaries needed by our troops

On 20/12/06, the_young_fogey wrote:
What’s needed is prayer of any rite and action to bring these people safely home NOW and out of that immoral war.

Also, the Rosary is wonderful but not part of the native tradition of Byzantine Catholicism. (You can argue that, with the hours and
all those akathists and canons to choose from, people following this rite can’t make room to import this devotion!) Rome says not to latinise and that should be followed. How you pray at home is entirely up to you of course but I question why this is in a Byzantine Catholic group.

For Byzantine Catholic peace witness Google Bishop John-Michael (Botean), the Romanian eparch of Canton, Ohio (and a member of Pax Christi), and Fr Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, a married Melkite priest with many children.

Happy St Philip’s fast.
Mиръ вамъ!
Here’s the firestorm that followed.
Re: [ByzantineCatholicsSpeak] Re: Ranger Rosaries needed by our troops

You are not sanctioned here except in this. I don’t ever want to see another note like this on this list again.

I mean that sincerely. I run this list for people who know me as well as people who do not.

I pray the rosary regularly and add the O Antiphons to my Vesper readings every season, and open every morning prayer with the canticle of Zecharia.

You may not like talking about such things but there are all kinds of people here and I will not have them sanctioned.

If you have something positive to add from Orthodoxy in this great season of the year, please do so.

If this is all you have to add, please be silent.

Mary Lanser
... That’s enough, Fogey. If you won’t put a stop to your postings, I will. Be warned.
So what Rome teaches about both peace-and-justice issues and Byzantine Catholicism is forbidden in a list that says it’s Byzantine Catholic? (But a posting about a non-Byzantine Catholic devotion and supporting a
war opposed by the Pope is above criticism.) Why? I wasn’t there to talk about the Orthodox as such, and why would that be welcome (seems counter-intuitive) and these topics not?

Perhaps Ms Lanser should change the name from ‘Byzantine Catholics Speak’ to ‘Things Mary Lanser Likes’ for truth in advertising.

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