Tuesday, January 02, 2007

MCJ on the Episcopal row

Huw Raphael explains Spong and writes about his own journey

ARCIC? It’s a perverse dog-and-pony show put on by post-Vatican II liberals from both sides. It means nothing and offers nothing.

If you are talking about ARCIC... a few post-V2 liberals and their AffCath fellow travellers keep refilling the ink wells and putting out new scratch pads, but the old-style ARCIC process has basically had it.
Old-school: when Geoffrey Fisher and Michael Ramsey visited the Pope, Orthodox metropolitans preached at St Paul’s and Orthodox bishops attended Episcopal consecrations and installations. So much has been lost.
Despite of a lot of horn-tooting during 2005, there is nothing of any substance going on between the TAC and Rome. From what my sources tell me, Forward in Faith is far more important to Rome’s attempts to bring over a section of orthodox Anglicanism than the TAC. It is pretty much an open secret that FiF has had good informal contacts with the Vatican almost since its formation. The wild cards of Anglican-Roman Catholic relations may be the Anglican Use folks within the RCC. It just depends on what the big wigs want to achieve.
But the RC PTB in the US don’t want the AU: Rome is making them do it and really only a handful of ex-Episcopalians in Texas have it, with no provision to keep it going once they die. Modernism + Irish hatred of things seen as English = the AU is dead on arrival/a Potemkin village/bait and switch.

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