Friday, January 12, 2007

Playing the hate card
Canon Gary L’Hommedieu on the Episcopal row

The missing pages
With some honourable exceptions many of the mainstream churches are guilty of tearing pages from the Bible. The Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches have for a very long time taken stances on the matters discussed below which are in accordance with accepted and traditional belief and interpretation. They seem to be the only churches... that take the whole of scriptural authority seriously. It is difficult to avoid concluding that our own church the C of E (as with other members of the Anglican Communion) is quite possibly among the worst of the offenders.
You’ve got to love the irony here that the churches of the great Catholic family don’t claim to believe in sola scriptura (which scriptura itself doesn’t teach) but rather that the Bible is part of tradition. ‘Only the Bible’ ultimately really means ‘only me’.

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