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hat which in Doctrine the Church doth now deliver rightly as the Truth, no man will say that it may hereafter recall, and as rightly avouch the contrary. Laws touching Matter(s) of Order are changeable, by the Power of the Church; Articles concerning doctrine, not so. We read often in the Writings of Catholick and Holy men touching matters of Doctrine. This we believe, this we hold, this the Prophets and Evangelists have declared. This the Apostles have delivered, This the Martyrs have sealed with their Blood, and confessed in their Torments, to this cause we cleave as to the anchor of our Souls; against this, though an Angel from Heaven should Preach unto us, we would not believe.
Richard Hooker

Guide to Anglican churchmanships

(In the traditional Roman Rite today’s intention in the Chair of Unity Octave is ‘the submission of Anglicans’.)

Perhaps I’m just thick but I don’t understand this
Posted for honesty’s sake, the only way ecumenism can work, during this octave of prayer for Christian reunion.
When Dr Williams was enthroned as ABC in Canterbury he directed that the filioque be deleted from the Creed that day in order not to offend the participating Orthodox clergy.
It’s probably more accurate to say they attended not participated.

So in the Anglican Communion one can have women bishops, gay weddings (at least unofficially) and clergy who don’t believe in the creed (I realise these three issues are not necessarily related!) but leaving out the filioque is supposed to impress the Orthodox. Okaaaaay...

Not to knock ++Cantuar’s recent efforts to be fair to the non-liberal majority in his communion including authentically Catholic statements like this.

Without state coercion the Elizabethan compromise doesn’t work. As I wrote here two months ago:
The recent news story of a German construction worker killed when he struck an unexploded World War II bomb reminded me of this. In our time bad Queen Bess’s settlement seems to have detonated like that... perhaps Catholic Anglicans and ironically the old-school Central Churchmen (you can argue that these ‘middle way’ people really ‘got’ Anglicanism and we didn’t) are its last casualties.
P.S. Suing conservative Christians out of their meeting-houses is not a virtue.
Funny. KJS & the rest of TEC* sure didn't have second thoughts about subverting many other "ancient precedent[s]" at the General Conventions of the past few years.
A quip from Randall Foster.

*Obviously not true of all Episcopalians!

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