Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Reviving ‘Enlightenment’ thought like Frankenstein’s monster: ‘imagine no religion’ in 25 years
In other news the kids are now into powdered wigs and minuetting... the latest from village atheist-of-the-month Richard Dawkins. Seriously, to paraphrase what one of the late Popes said, ‘if we couldn’t destroy the church through our sinfulness what makes you think the boffins, tele and the ’Net will?’

Obviously the Summa is no match for YouTube and ‘Deal or No Deal’.

So which killed more people, religion through the 19th century or irreligious governments in the 20th?

Quotations on this:
I don’t think these people are as smart as they want us to think they are.

Thomas Jefferson
[great political thinker, crap theologian*] thought the same thing. Many of my students in Comparative Religion classes look for the same demise of religion. I think fewer think that by the end of the semester. What is more likely to happen is this: As fewer and fewer people hold to the truth especically in Europe, Islam will simply replace the sanity of Christianity with Islam. Too bad for Europe. There will always be some who see that existence did not come into existence on its own.
Them there’s the other theory that the second- and third-generation Muslims will assimilate and go secular.

*Before there was the Jesus Seminar there was the Jefferson Bible. Same basic idea.

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