Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Shoulder update
Saw a competent orthopædist this morning who after looking me over confirmed what a friend who is a second-year med student said — it’s obvious from across the room that something’s wrong! The deltoid muscle that should be on top of the shoulder isn’t (which is why the shoulder looks out of place); it’s sagging and I can’t move it (and thus my my arm all the way) because of nerve damage. That nerve gets stretched in these injuries and can take a year to heal; if it’s torn I’ll need a neurosurgeon to try to fix it.

That and the labrum is torn, which the less than competent orthopædist got wrong.

So structurally the shoulder is in place and not that badly damaged but ‘that’s the least of your problems’.

Not the best news but it’s still a relief to finally be in good hands.

Next up: a test from a neurologist and some physical therapy to stop that muscle atrophying.

Props to Dr John Paul Salvo at Cooper Bone & Joint Institute.

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