Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why are most anti-war marchers older?
I’ve noticed that at just about every peace march I’ve been in, most recently in August. It’s like being with a remnant of literally the same people who protested the Vietnam War.

Good point:
To the iPod generation, standing on street corners and holding banners can seem anachronistic. Its members are more likely to voice political objections on blogs and other Internet venues. On YouTube, where anyone can post a video, there are hundreds of clips that feature antiwar themes or music.
This seems to show that many are more materialistic now (but weren’t most of the hippies living off their parents’ prosperity?):
Historians point out that America has grown more conservative in the last 40 years, a trend reflected in its youth. In 1970, the census showed, 79 percent of college freshmen cited "developing a meaningful philosophy of life" as a top objective. In 2005, 75 percent said "being very well off financially" was important.
And that many/most don’t know or don’t care about authentic conservatism.

Then there’s the Catch-22 of conscription that the article mentions. Restarting it would be wrong but chances are it would destroy any remaining support for the war if only for self-interested reasons.

One more time: if Iraq and Iran are really threats why are there such creatures as College Republicans? When are young Barbara and Jenna Bush going over there?

On being cannon fodder (and who most of it is)

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