Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Both/and: on the sacrifice of the Mass
I’m the second commenter down. From Chris Tessone (hi, Tim).
How can man again connect the world with God? [...] The only real gift man should give to God is himself. As his religious awareness becomes more highly developed, so his awareness that any gift but himself is too little, in fact absurd, becomes more intense. Historically, this sense of inadequacy has been the source of grotesque and horrific forms of cult. The most extreme example is human sacrifice. Superficially, it seems to give the deity what is best, and yet more deeply it has to be seen as the most horrific evasion of the gift of self, the most horrific and therefore the most to be rejected.
Pope Benedict XVI

Yet Abraham obeyed when God tested him by ordering him to sacrifice Isaac. But of course the Pope is right: an angel intervened at the last second!

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