Friday, February 16, 2007

The Episcopal row again
Looks like the liberals won for now

The BBC reported (The Guardian is similarly biased):
The conservative majority is fiercely opposed to those who believe the church should accept gay clergy members.
‘The mainstream media don’t get religion.’ It’s to do with practising homosexuality. (BTW ‘non-celibate’ means married.) Orientation for Catholics is like any other temptation: in itself a non-issue, not necessarily a bar to ordination.

Ruth Gledhill wrote:
Advances in post-war secular society have taken the criminality out of sexual orientation, while at the same time the churches have been determined to ensure the sin remains.
Apples’n’giraffes. Of course no-one has the right to arrest you for your orientation, as a libertarian I support decriminalising the acts as long as the harm principle (do what you want to yourself but don’t harm somebody else, a kind of tolerance old-school Anglicans understand) is followed (the faith rightly says the acts are wrong... but they’re none of the state’s business) and the church doesn’t decide what is or is not in itself a sin.

Meanwhile in the Episcopal Church the three remaining Catholic dioceses and four or five conservative ones on top of that are the ones the Russian Orthodox still talk to. An echo of the days when St Tikhon sat in choir for the consecration of Bishop Grafton’s cathedral and ROCOR Metropolitan Anastassy preached at St Paul’s. Relations with the national Episcopal Church understandably are over.

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