Monday, February 05, 2007

Many thanks
I don’t know how well Web rings work but a tip of the biretta to Anabaptist peace blogger Michael Westmoreland-White for including this blog in his:
A Conservative Blog for Peace is a group blog run by 5 men who are broadly Catholic (not necessarily Roman), traditional in theology, libertarian-leaning in economics (but anti-globalist), socially conservative, but dedicated to peacemaking. Although my own perspective is different on many matters, I am delighted with this blog because it is very good to see true conservatism (which includes the virtue of prudence and an antipathy to foreign military adventurism) articulated again in a strong and persuasive manner. Blog editor John Beeler says that peace issues are "too important to be left to liberals." This progressive agrees — they are too important to be left to ANYONE.

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