Monday, February 05, 2007

More state edumacation isn’t the answer
But of course it sells:
But parents will overwhelmingly enthuse over the prospect of getting someone else to fund their all-day child care a full year earlier, and the program will be adopted with much glee and celebration.
As a good friend once observed about Vacation Bible School people see the words but read ‘free day care’: ‘you could have a picture of Michael Jackson’ in the narthex of your church but people would still bring their kids. (One difference is this isn’t free: most people are taxed to pay for it.)
Did you know that in Sweden, a country legendary for its quality of life and a nation which beats American school performance in every academic category, a kid isn’t allowed to start school before the age of 7? ... Did you know that the entire Swedish school sequence is only 9 years long, a net 25 percent time and tax savings over our own 12-year sequence? ...
That’s right, liberal Sweden not only has more restrictive abortion laws than the US but less state schooling.
Did you know that Hong Kong, a country with a population the size of Norway’s, beats Japan in every scientific and mathematical category in which the two countries compete? Did you know that Hong Kong has a school year ten and one half weeks shorter than Japan’s? How on earth do they manage that if longer school years translate into higher performance? ...
And I imagine a lower suicide rate among schoolchildren than Japan’s.
Or did you know that in Flemish Belgium with the shortest school year in the developed world that the kids regularly finish in the top three nations in the world in academic competition? Is it the water in Belgium or what? Because it can’t be the passionate commitment to government forced schooling, which they don’t seem to possess....

If you trust journalism or the professional educational establishment to provide you with data you need to think for yourself in the increasingly fantastic socialist world of compulsory schooling, you are certainly the kind of citizen who would trade his cow for a handful of colored beans.
Reminds me of ‘unschooling’ as described by AKMA. (Groups of parents volunteering/bartering teaching in their fields of expertise — forming better, de facto schools — seems a good way to go too.) If you’ve got the skills and means go for it!

From LRC.

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