Saturday, February 03, 2007

On people with same-sex attraction but in conventional marriages
To be clear I don’t believe in lying about one’s orientation, old psychological theories about causes (‘not conventionally masculine, weak relationship with father’... rubbish), coercive treatments to try to change it (cruel) nor living a lie by entering a loveless marriage with no attraction to one’s spouse! I think the approach described here best applies to people attracted to both sexes. You could have a perfectly good marriage; the only difference would be you’re tempted by twice as many people! One man puts it well:
This life is difficult, and my difficulty is just different from, not worse than, the ‘average’ next guy. That’s just the way it is.
People > their orientations or any other temptation to sin: the authentic Catholic position.
Same-sex attraction ... is not and has never been the real issue. The real issue has been and remains how we choose to live our lives.
And that doing whatever you want regardless of consequences is not good for you (isn’t that a lesson most still learn as children?) no matter who you’re attracted to.

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