Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Prince of Wales mystery solved
Why did he go to a Presbyterian church when in Philadelphia? The church’s Welsh heritage was one reason but it turns out he didn’t choose that; people in Philadelphia who perhaps didn’t understand religion did.

BTW contra Wikipedia I don’t think it’s true that when the Queen or other royals go to Scotland they automatically switch from Anglican to Presby. She is the lay Supreme Governor of the Church of England (rather like the German-inspired lay Oberprokurator of the Russian Orthodox Church’s Holy Synod from Peter the Great’s reign until 1918) but not of the Church of Scotland. Services at Balmoral would be Anglican or so I’ve been told.

There are several ongoing stories in the Episcopal row; AFAIK this is not one of them.

Though it would be nice if conservative including the remaining Catholic Episcopal churches were prayed for by name at the royal peculiars (churches canonically under the Sovereign not the bishop) I find it very unlikely — and easy to disprove! — as well as out of character for a royal to say anything that controversial.

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