Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ron Paul to form presidential exploratory committee
From Samer al-Batal who sent and wrote all of the following: He gets to the point and offers his views.

Speech accent archive
Not a bad linguistics project, although perhaps incomplete: audio and phonetic transcriptions of the same few English sentences being read out by people hailing from countries and regions worldwide and from some of the different cities and areas of each. Whoever would like a taste of how the same lines might sound if spoken by a native (how accurately representative of the dialect and phonemes and general sound of the population each one is remains a posed question) of New York, Edinburgh, Tokyo, or Amman can look at this site. ‘Buh-leez broceed.’

A good introduction to the Octoechos for the ear
Antiochian Orthodox Subdeacon Kareem il-Faar’s fine website on Byzantine chant, which aims at promoting and providing visitors with lessons on Byzantine notation and Byzantine chant (what is heard in Greece and the Levant, not Slavic four-part harmony with which most people are probably more familiar), has an instructively helpful and practical page (there is also a main section with much more detail) to familiarise one with the eight tones of the Byzantine musical system. You can download from there several Arabic chants in mp3 form; most every prayer is available in all the Byzantine modes as eight files so that you can compare the different tones.
OLLOWING the tradition of our holy fathers, we paint the images of Christ and all the saints and with our lips, our heart and spirit we venerate these icons as we cry out: all ye works of the Lord, bless ye the Lord.

HE honour and veneration of the icon truly pass over to the prototype, following the teachings of the holy theologians, and in faith we sing to Christ: all ye works of the Lord, bless ye the Lord.

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