Saturday, March 10, 2007

From republic to empire, and on militarism and neoconservatism
The unintended result of this record of militarism is the contemporary Leviathan that dominates Washington, threatening our nation with bankruptcy, turning many of the organs of our "free press" into Pravda-like mouthpieces, and disgracing the nation by allowing our young men and women to torture prisoners picked up on various battlefields or even snatched from city streets in allied countries.

As for the conduct of today's servicemen, I believe the troubling trends are results of both the general degeneration of young society and the unworthy and poorly led missions which they have been given.

Neoconservatism is ... a brilliantly conceived political movement that achieves power by capitalizing on the public’s fear and disgust over liberalism’s manifest results, while refusing to challenge liberalism’s crippling dogmas.
The militarism really started to pick up when FDR got the US involved in World War II (becoming fascist in the name of fighting fascism), silencing the Old Right, which accelerated with the Cold War (the Red bogeyman) and CIA employee William Buckley rubbishing what was left of real conservatism for the sake of the anti-Communist cause. (The USSR collapsed from its own internal contradictions like men like Murray Rothbard thought it would.)

To balance the ‘O tempora! O mores!’ message here the conversation about the different standards for officers and enlisted men reminds you that there have been atrocities about as long as there have been armies. Fallen human nature and all that.

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