Sunday, March 18, 2007

Frs Geoffrey Kirk and Michael Heidt on the Anglican row
Knew Fr H in England nearly 20 years ago when he was an ordinand

Fr K seems to agree with the Society of St Pius X on the wrongness of the American Revolution (not surprising!) based as it was on the ‘Enlightenment’; I’m not so sure. Of course like them as a Catholic I see the danger but the ‘E’ at its best, for example the relatively mild English version the American founding fathers were part of, can be seen as appealing to reason in the classical and Christian sense, conforming to objective reality, that is, self-evident truths. (Even though many of them, including the nominal Anglicans like Washington and Jefferson, were deists.) But I can agree with them that today’s innovations and unbelief are the endgame of the ‘Reformation’ which domino’d into the ‘E’.

But again unsurprisingly Fr K understands tolerant conservatism as a 1997 article from the Diocese of Southwark (he is under the Bishop of Fulham) suggests:
Neither Kirk nor [curate Fr Francis] Gardom wishes to silence people. They just want to enlist them on the right side.
From New Directions.

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