Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fun with spam: pseudo-Biblical Lorem ipsum
From an e-mail pushing some penny stock:
... sanctification is not the cause, yet it is the effect of our fiery darts cannot reach those blissful regions: Satan will Then shall they also say, Lord, when saw we thee an sensual pleasures, as the greatest epicure on earth. Others year after year, attending on the means of grace, but then, like faithfulness, or improvement of their own free-will, reminds fondly hopes that God will not be extreme to mark every what then should you fear? You are made the righteousness members, which were before instruments of uncleanness, and with an account of it, when you come to heaven, you must prisons; ere long, these tabernacles of clay shall be dissolved, redemption spoken of in the text, will free your souls from all ...
Somewhere between Chevy Chase improvising a funeral service and something for Samuel L. Jackson to say before he blows you away. I see a bit of Psalm 129/130: at least the programmers had the taste to pinch text from the Prayer Book.

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