Saturday, March 24, 2007

The future of the church in Ireland could be... Polish
Like in the UK, where RCs may outnumber Anglicans soon thanks to... Eastern European immigration. Fr Richard John Neuhaus writes:
Ireland is receiving Europeans with much in common culturally and, in the case of Poles, a greater devotion to Christianity than is found among most of the Irish. The Church has no problem with immigration, Ahern observed with a wink, because the Poles in particular are filling half-empty churches. On Sunday, he said, “they show up and pay up,” so the bishops are happy.
Modlitwa Świętego Patryka
Chrystus ze mną,
Chrystus przede mną,
Chrystus za mną,
Chrystus obok mnie,
Chrystus, aby zwyciężał mnie,
Chrystus, aby pocieszał i odbudował mnie.
From the Lorica.

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