Saturday, March 24, 2007

The gnostic gospels or the chaff vs the wheat
... the proposition that Gnosticism expired largely because it lacked life from the beginning. F.F. Bruce notes that "Gnosticism was too much bound up with a popular but passing phase of thought to have the survival power of apostolic Christianity."
I benefited from reading Elaine Pagels probably because not even consciously I filtered out whatever bias she has and simply learnt that ‘these exist and here are the groups they came from’.

The illusion of ‘progress’, the return of the gods and human freedom
When God, respecting human freedom, withdraws his grace from those who oppose Him in ever greater numbers, woe to the world. The temptation to revert away from our Creator is as old as the world, and wise persons and nations will not seek to create their own "reality" but rather conform their behavior / acts to the Reality which we found existed by virtue of creation the moment we were born. That alone is the true "given" and precondition not of our ultimacy but of our utter contingency and dependence on the Creator.
From TCR News.

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