Friday, March 30, 2007

Постъ: The Ochlophobist on fasting in the Orthodox tradition
Like this
Fasting in Orthodoxy is not anything like fasting as I have experienced it anywhere else. Orthodox fast like Mediterranean people argue, which is to say, it often makes no sense, from an organizational efficiency or public relations or philosophical point of view.
List of Orthodox saints for special intentions
From Elizabeth at The Garden Window. A good idea for a page but it looks unfinished (for example where’s St Panteleimon, a saint for healing in general?) and needs to be redesigned.

Ukrainian Catholic Church head: state should stay out of church-union talks
The US-supported president of the Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, belongs to the Kiev Patriarchate, the country’s biggest nationalist schism from the Orthodox, and wants a national church. Most Ukrainians are secular but most of the churchgoing minority are Russian Orthodox and want to remain so. (The anti-Russian US government may favour the schism.)

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