Monday, March 05, 2007

Rapturists who want war
Lee Penn writes: I got this e-mail from a Rapturist site. See how they lick their chops at the possibility of a war of annihilation, and note their regret that the US did NOT (yet) do to its Muslim enemies what it did to German and Japanese cities in World War II. [End.]

Again, why people hate religion.

And why I am loth to link to anything from WorldNetDaily.

Lord, in thy mercy: hear our prayer.

The e-mail (put on your hazmat suit):
The fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1
Jim Bramlett

Dear friends:

Isaiah 17:1 prophesies, "Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap."

In all history, this has never before happened to Damascus. It is one of those prophecies that remain to be fulfilled. Many people believe this, or the rapture, or both simultaneously, will be the next prophetic event on God's timetable.

The stage is being set, as revealed in a news item today. WorldNetDaily reports:

"Syria is positioned to launch a biological attack on Israel or Europe should the U.S. attack Iran," Jill Bellamy-Dekker told WND. "The Syrians are embedding their biological weapons program into their commercial pharmaceuticals business and their veterinary vaccine-research facilities. The intelligence service oversees Syria's 'bio-farm' program and the Ministry of Defense is well interfaced into the effort."

Bellamy-Decker currently directs the Public Health Preparedness program for the European Homeland Security Association under the French High Committee for Civil Defense.

Full article.

Israel cannot allow another holocaust and will be forced to attack and neutralize Syria's weapons, wherever they are. Note that the weapons are being "embedded" into commercial enterprises, no doubt in the city. A few years ago I read where Syria was placing their missiles in urban areas in the same way. Syria probably thinks no one will risk so many civilian casualties to attack there. Bloodthirsty Muslim cowards typically hide behind their own women and children while they are murdering others, as they did in the recent Lebanon/Hezbollah war.

Unlike America's super-sensitivity to criticism from the left and timidity in Iraq and failure to conduct a victorious scorched-earth policy as we did in World War II, Israel will not be so stupid. The enemy will have to be disarmed and destroyed.

Isaiah 17:1 may soon be fulfilled.
Samer, doesn’t it warm your heart to know that Bible-believin’ folk want to lay waste to your country?

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