Friday, March 16, 2007

Samer al-Batal’s LRC pick
Ron Paul on the pro-life issue in brief
Samer writes: The man is consistent in principle, in agreement with both the harm principle (abortion as a violation of one’s right to life is the law’s affair) and tenet of decentralisation that libertarianism espouses: he believes that the unborn should be protected by law (not by spineless, ‘personally, I’m pro-life; still...’ blather and false sentimentality), but that the proper route does not lie in federal politics. He believes that Roe should be overturned, funding to abortion providers be stopped, the matter of protecting the unborn be put outside of the jurisdiction of the federal government and federal judiciary, and things be brought down to the level of the states (though he sees ‘an outright federal ban on abortion, done properly via a constitutional amendment that does no violence to our way of government’ [emphasis Samer’s] as a legitimate alternative). Ron Paul’s reservations towards some bills backed by pro-life support that were either compromising (even in regards to the logical principles upon which the case for the unborn rests) or at odds with constitutional principles can be read here and here. The man actually reads something before he votes on it, even while it would seem to agree with his pro-life stance.

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