Tuesday, April 24, 2007

‘And grant us victory in the Jihad
Samer al-Batal writes: It’s funny; I was listening to that Arab Orthodox radio station I introduced you to before, and this segment of ‘anthems’ (improvised, non-liturgical religious songs that may border sometimes on the Novus Ordo-ish) was playing. That line just came out in song in Arabic addressed to St Mary. I thought it was amusing to tell, so now you know. I’d just like to send that one to Fox and see them go nuts thinking a band of Jihadis were singing martial songs. [End.]

LOL! Just like some people get their knickers in a twist over the word Allah (God)!

I like many kinds of music including Christian songs I wouldn’t want in a liturgical context! Gospel is one example: hymns sung in a blues style. Just last night I was listening to Christian bluegrass (a kind of American country music). Beautiful.

Here jihad means ‘ascetic struggle’, self-denial (подвигъ in Russian). Was the song to Our Lady or to St Mary of Egypt?

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