Friday, April 27, 2007

‘Education for citizenship’ = totalitarianism?
The Cardinal Archbishop of Toledo on secular Spain’s plans

This touches on the difference between morals (objective right and wrong) and ethics (behaviour); they overlap of course but are not the same. In a pluralistic society, even one by default, if there are state or for that matter secular schools I think you’d want something lowest-common-denominator neutral (not necessarily the same as teaching ‘there are no absolutes’) — ‘be fair to each other’ (behave well including ‘don’t beat up homosexuals’ for example) and not ‘homosex is objectively good’ which would be a case of the state invading religion’s turf.

As for the Spanish president’s and the cardinal’s different approaches to relations with militant Muslims I’m undecided. Simple fairness without bringing religion into it (for example ‘hands off Palestine’, stop propping up Israel) could work and may well be the best way as the Christian and Muslim conceptions of God, though both monotheist and based on claimed revelation, are so different.

From the LRC blog.

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