Monday, April 09, 2007

In ‘Fluffya’
Getting your Slav on
Last week, a day of shopping Eastern European fashion: Byzantine Church Goods next to the Ukrainian Catholic cathedral, which has got several copies of a marvellous little Служебник (priest’s service book) in Slavonic, Russian Orthodox recension, printed in Rome in the 1950s; Krakus market in Port Richmond for your gołąbki (pronounced ‘gowumpki’), pierogi, zwyczajna sausage and poppyseed-strudel needs (there are few busier and cheerier places than a Polish market right before Easter); and across the bridge to Roger Wilco in New Jersey for Kindzmaraúli or Kvanchkará wine from the country of Georgia (по мое мнение, самое вкусное вино в мире).

Христос воскресе!

The Russian Orthodox Bishop of Alaska blesses Easter baskets

Easter customs
With Fr Thomas and Shelly Janikowski at Zion Anglican Church in Illinois

The Polish custom (święconka) is for the priest to come round to your house and bless the basket, the Russian to gather at the church to do it.

The egg is a pysanka (писанка, Ukrainian for ‘little written thing’), one of the famous Eastern European decorated eggs.

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