Saturday, April 28, 2007

Neither the sickle nor the swastika
An expression I learnt from this blogger’s husband who 15 years ago helped form my worldview. Lew Rockwell reminds his listeners there is an alternative to the establishment left and right: learn about the American Old Right (which is built on English conservatism, that is, classical liberalism).

The Nixon/Bush parallels
1975 Saigon + 1979 Teheran = Baghdad sooner or later

On gun control:

The cops only come when you’re dead
Self-defence for women. Again I understand some Europeans’ well-meant revulsion to a proliferation of guns (like I understand Christian pacifism but with the Catholic faith and C.S. Lewis maintain it’s wrong).

The woman of the hour: Venus Ramey, Miss America 1944, a Kentuckian who even though she uses a walker recently defended her farm with her gun. She’s from what friend Jeff Culbreath calls ‘the Old Republic’: tough but following old etiquette (she gave Jay Leno a lesson in it: like with the Queen today one didn’t shake a woman’s hand unless she offered it) she thinks Homeland Security supremo Michael Chertoff should be sacked (for violations of liberty like forcing an octogenarian lady to take her shoes off at the airport) and Mr Bush is ‘a spoiled rich kid who deserves a spanking’. Well done, ma’am.

How would we feel about a man who made his fortune selling guns to a mass murderer? Would we put him in charge of disarming a country? What if he also sold RPGs and tanks and chemical weapons to known mass murderers?

Yet this is exactly what governments do, by selling billions of dollars of weapons to despotic tyrants the world over – and the US government leads the pack in this blood-profiteering.
Working for the clampdown
What might Mr Bush do with his new power to declare martial law?

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