Monday, April 30, 2007

A new saints meme
I waited to be tagged — by Jorge, it turns out — before answering this one.
Name four favourite saints, a favourite blessed saint (?) and somebody you think should be canonised.
  • The Mother of God.
  • St John the Evangelist after whom I’m named and for his high-flying theology.
  • St Benedict, whose ‘Mass-and-office Catholicism’ is a way of life you don’t have to be a monk or nun to love.
  • St Basil for his beautiful prayers with their orthodox theology and another father of monasticism.
As for ‘blessed saint’ Megan at Tripp’s blog rightly asked ‘What?!’

I’ll give two answers:

Roman Catholic beatus: Blessed James Kern, who was wounded in World War I and became a Norbertine canon offering up his suffering for Catholic unity.

Eastern Orthodox blessed... some canonised saints traditionally are called that (St Augustine for example); ‘blessed’, ‘holy’ and ‘saint’ are used more or less interchangeably. But sorry, this is not a ‘blessed’ but a ‘venerable’, again different to the Roman use of the title, what the Orthodox call a monk or nun saint: St Seraphim of Sarov, a hieromonk (monk who is also a priest) and probably the world’s most beloved Russian Orthodox saint.

Person whose cause for canonisation I’d consider: Oscar Romero, late Archbishop of San Salvador, a modern-day Becket and AFAIK sound in his basic beliefs (which is why the government mistakenly thought he’d be tame).

People I know online who might join in and haven’t been tagged yet: Fr Anthony Chadwick, Arturo Vásquez and Owen White. In fact recently Arturo already wrote something on the saints.

Here are my answers to an earlier saints meme.

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