Monday, April 16, 2007

The nor’easter
Yes, outside ‘Fluffya’ and miles away in the small town where I work there is snow on the ground eight days after Easter! Where I live, in crumbling Edwardian splendour, my bed is surrounded by windows on three sides; it was fun to hear the gale-force winds howling. Deo gratias, AFAIK nobody was hurt but lots of trees were knocked into roads and took down power lines with them.

I usually don’t drive to work; going by rail is more relaxing, from the Frank Furness-designed station in the next town to the huge Mussolini-esque 1930s one in the city and then out to work.

Not so today. What usually is a 90-minute ride ended up a 3 1/2-hour drive with lots of standstills and diversions to burn up ever more expensive fuel (which hasn’t reached European prices but still).
Oh, joy unbounded...
So if my postings so far today have an edge to them that’s partly why.

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