Friday, April 27, 2007

On pseudo-cons, Republicans trying to milk pro-life again, Führer complexes and questions of character
A Joe Sobran column from last month
Back when I was “a roaring anti-Semite” (and long before Jimmy Carter was accused of being one, though his brother Billy was), I was afraid the neoconservatives would get us into a war with the Arabs. That was the easy part. What I didn’t expect — because I just couldn’t even imagine it — was our getting stuck in a Muslim civil war. What president, of either party, could ever be that dumb? Or that smart? (In the sense of knowing how to accomplish such an impossible thing.)

Once upon a time, people who wanted limitless government and made trouble around the globe were called Communists. Today, of course, they’re known as conservatives. If that’s just semantics, call me anti-semantic.

Well, as Billy Carter once observed, “There’s a heck of lot more Arabians than there is Jews.” And a lot of them are even madder at us than they are at each other.

What hasn’t changed, and shows no sign of changing, is the American idolatry of the Executive Branch — the sure and certain faith that a new president can come to the rescue and solve all our problems, even with Democrats controlling both houses of the U.S. Congress.

After all, this is the same country that still thinks Abraham Lincoln did away with slavery with a stroke of the pen and, according to polls, ranks John Kennedy among its greatest presidents. As Robert Higgs of The Independent Institute has written in an article titled “No More ‘Great Presidents,’” Americans now expect their presidents to perform “supernatural feats.” Who says this is an age of skepticism?

Let’s skip the etiquette and get to the point: What truths is John Edwards willing to affirm? If he doesn’t believe in God, Christ, the Virgin Birth, or the Catholic Church, or if he thinks they don’t really matter, his behavior makes sense.
I understand the liberals for the most part are not our friends but this isn’t about bringing somebody into the family nor a canonisation. However repulsive his views, box him in nicely with a hostile legislature and you’re good to go.

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