Friday, April 13, 2007

On the state of modern education, the easily led, the war on Iraq, heliocentrism and evolution
Comprehensive enough for you? From Fr Anthony Chadwick:
If 56% of an audience at a popular TV show believe that the sun orbits around the earth, I wonder what will motivate people as they vote at the Presidential Election! Now, that really makes me shudder!
Good point, Father. Scary. And ironic, isn’t it? Now, thanks to this medium, with Google and Wikipedia for example (good stewardship: saving paper instead of printing encyclopædias!), you can get information more easily than ever in human history yet there are Frenchmen who don’t know the moon orbits the earth and the earth goes round the sun!

The Hitler quotation reminds me of the state propaganda about Iraq: say ‘terrorism’ a million times and the sheeple will think Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. One never hears about Osama ‘wanted dead or alive’ bin Laden any more; I think he’s more useful to the state as a living bogeyman to keep in reserve to scare folk into submission when needed.

(And nobody is addressing Mr bin Laden’s issues. ‘Hating our freedom’ is rubbish. Nobody is crashing planes into buildings in Amsterdam. Stop stationing soldiers in his holy land and stop propping up the state of Israel and none of this would happen. No, I am not anti-Jews in the mould of some traditionalists such as those in France.)

Though many people make fun of the church because historically people in it believed in geocentrism, what’s interesting is Catholic dogma holds regardless of theories about the solar system. (The Catholic Copernicus pointed the way to heliocentrism.) Thinking men knew the world was round long before the (flawed but believing Catholic) Columbus — IIRC one of the ancient Greeks tried to calculate its circumference (and got it wrong but anyway... I think he thought the world was much smaller; nobody knew then about the Americas) — but again the Catholic faith is unaffected whether the earth is flat or round, or carried on the backs of huge elephants like I understand the Hindus say.

Which is why unlike the fundygelicals in the States I don’t get into a state about evolution. (Though it is only a theory and no-one has proved one species changes into another let alone found a missing link to man.) The theistic version is fine with me. Theories and fossils don’t change the facts: God made the universe, there is a qualitative difference between our souls and those of our fellow creatures the animals that science can’t explain, mankind somehow fell and God became man to set that right so that man may be united to God. ‘The Bible doesn’t say how the heavens go; it says how to go to heaven.’

Update: The Pope agrees about evolution.

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