Tuesday, April 24, 2007

On truth and freedom
Basically, I think that Rome, the activist Evangelicals and the liberals (uneasy bedfellows these!) share a basic and pernicious error. It is the job of the Church to proclaim the truth. In the first place to its own people (which Rome appears to be having little success in doing) and then to whomever will hear and consider. It is not the job of the Church to force others to obey its findings as to what is right.

Since all three groups I mentioned are committed to political activism, and all three are willing to use the maximum force of government to enforce their respective views of what is right, I have to say that none of them are trusting the power of God to move hearts, nor putting their effort into bringing those hearts to salvation. All three are point blank wrong.

How did Jesus react when the disciples begged Him to bring in the Kingdom - NOW? Is His Kingdom of this world?

The Vatican is, in my opinion anyway, 100% right on these issues
[gay marriage], but 100% wrong in trying to get its way though political force. Let it first remove the log from its own eye - the log of widespread disbelief of its own teachings by its own people. If RCs worldwide were to believe what their pope teaches, there wouldn't be the worldwide clamor for these changes.

The only thing that makes me madder than political force to oppose what I believe to be right is the use of political force to enforce what I agree with.
Ed Pacht

By George he’s got it.

He is referring to abortion as well but I can argue that the state can step in here because of the ‘don’t harm others’ principle (your freedom ends where the baby’s begins). Religion doesn’t have to come into it.

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