Thursday, April 12, 2007

We might have had advancements in technology and some forms of knowledge [I add: certainly] but anthropologically and sociologically we've devolved. It isn't an improvement when we've got folk who take three times as long to become adults. This is also true of the educational system - we make kids sit in our 'medium security detention facilities' to relearn what they already should have learned in the first six years. Get them educated, mature, married and out the door... the Church though doesn't need to 'handle pedophiles'. That is what we have a justice system for. The mistakes made by some US RC dioceses were in trying to obstruct justice in its rightful pursuit of offenders.
Drake Adams

But this assumes extended family and a ‘village’ support system that enabled the young to grow up fast, to be adults as soon as they physically could. In a lot of ways a good thing! (It really does take a village but not in the statist Hillary Clinton sense.) The nuclear family is modern and now even that’s breaking down in some cases. ‘You’re on your own’ can mean ‘you’re really on your own’ (I have been my entire adult life, nearly 20 years) and not what Drake and traditional societies meant. And even though my religion is pre-modern I don’t idealise pre-modern societies. Arranged marriages for family/business/dynastic reasons? No, thank you. Better to have the freedom of classical liberalism built on objective truth: the best of the old and the new.

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