Sunday, April 15, 2007

Some fun for Low Sunday

Evil Easter Bunny judges you!

Also, now that friend John Treat has resurrected his website:

Pray tell me what’s a Puseyite?
What Anglo-Catholics looked like to Protestant enemies in the mid-1800s
Voracious as a book-worm is this antiquarian man.
The Fathers is his text book, the Canons is his law.
He's mighty in the Rubrics and well up on the creeds...
The emphasis on the Fathers explains some Catholics’ gravitation to (Western Rite) Orthodoxy.
But he only quotes the "Articles" just as they suit his needs
... He's only for the bishop when the bishop is for him.
‘Not unto us, Lord, not unto us’ but larger church (past and present) > everything else.
The Bible is to him almost a sealed book
Reserve is on his lips and a mystery in his look.
Which explains the less than perfect score I got on this Internet quiz.

(As for Dr Pusey he was Regius Professor of Hebrew at Oxford.)
The Sacramental system is the lamp to illumine his night!
... Each saint upon the calendar he knows by heart at least;
He always dates his letters on a vigil or a feast.
‘I believe in the Holy Ghost; The holy Catholick Church; The communion of Saints...’

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