Sunday, May 20, 2007

As we were saying
...why can't the main church recognise that ordinary people need beauty, a sense of being connected with a wider tradition, and all that? The ’70s are SO over.

The general consensus seems to be that for Catholics the sickeningly bland, almost ruleless Christian experiments in liturgical minimalistic medocrity of the post-V2 period are about to end,
Deo gratias, as the Boomers retire and die.

Post-modern thought and practice are able to appreciate the the glories and gifts of the past while our modernist fathers could find no reconciliation with the immediate past at all. They had to sever the links. But that post-war generation's perspective is no longer what is seen by many today.
— Mama Thomas from Ship of Fools

Similarly Mother M writes in Derek Olsen’s blog:
Those who know me know how much I love old things and tradition, particularly in all things liturgical. I love [most of] Ritual Notes — need I say more? Anyway, sometimes the old just doesn’t work. (Though often it does.)
Thanks to this medium the post-modernists and I are finding we have much constructive and supportive to say to each other.

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