Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Religion round-up
Biased reporting from the BBC
The headline and deck are fine; the opening paragraph is another matter

‘Vagante ordains ex-RCs in Protestant church’ is a dog-bites-man story; gotta sex it up to spite Rome, I suppose.

As I was saying...
On the Episcopal row:
"...bishops who have crossed jurisdictional lines in open disregard of the most ancient canons of the church" - well, seeing as how this is so bad and bold and naughty of those bishops, I suppose any day now we'll be seeing these guys getting their marching orders?

After all, they may have had a purpose in serving Americans abroad, but now they've actually gone and become multilingual, multicultural - with churches in Germany and Switzerland, never mind France and Italy - well, what can one say? Border crossing of multiple borders! Poaching congregations away from ... the Roman Catholic
[church]! Setting up their own bishop when there are perfectly good bishops already in place!

I weep to read of the terrible, horrible, unforgiveable breaches of the ancient canons that they proudly boast of committing for two centuries.
LOL, brilliant.

From MCJ.

‘Can’t we all just get along?’ (shut up and do as we say)
‘We must help the poor cough andhavegayweddings...’

Remember when the anti-apartheid movement was Catholic?

Talking to Fr Deacon Methodius/Steve Hayes about this stuff

A culture warrior on the reunited Russian Orthodox Church
We here in the West cannot say no to our debauchery and perversions. One country somewhere in Europe finally says no...

Someone somewhere is at long last saying no. It happens to be an Orthodox and rightist someone. A now more unified Orthodox and rightist someone. That makes me happy. And I bet even B16 looks on silently with approval.
Очень хорошо.

‘Daughters of Trent’
Rod Dreher knows about this. Sounds very familiar! Of course I’ve had friends like this. There’s tolerant conservatism — all are welcome to come and pray in a Catholic church — and then there’s sacrilege. Never forget the difference.

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