Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ron Paul the great on the real reason for 9/11, etc.
[His] stating of the obvious in the debate─that the 9/11 terrorists were motivated by our foreign policy.
More on Andrew Bacevich

On empire

The people of the United States became mere spectators as an array of ideological extremists, vested interests and foreign operatives - including domestic neo-conservatives, Ahmad Chalabi and his Iraqi exiles, the Israel lobby, the petroleum and automobile industries, warmongers and profiteers allied with the military-industrial complex, and the entrenched interests of the professional military establishment - in essence hijacked the government.
Religion is nothing to do with it, except to cadge a few extra votes out of the proles in the protty religious right and well-meaning RC pro-lifers.

‘The strange English vision of sinister curtain-gliding Jesuits and lurking, plotting Swarthy Southern Mediterranean Types Who Know Things’
Mark Shea on still socially acceptable anti-Romanism (anti-Italianism, anti-Hispanicism as in the Black Legend, anti-Catholicism)... like this. I’ve seen one and part of another episode: awful melodrama, bad acting and all! I’ve pledged to two public-broadcasting stations before; after this I doubt if I’ll ever do so again.

Private revelations are not part of the Catholic faith. Approved ones may be believed in or not.

On abortion
More from Mark Shea:
Some pro-choice people are finally starting to figure out that it was never about choice. It’s about concentration of power in the hands of the powerful and destruction of the weak by the strong for their own convenience, pleasure and enrichment. Beyond that, it’s ultimately about the war in heaven and the principalities and powers who hate God’s creation, especially the most innocent and vulnerable.
Or the ‘freethinkers’ who write stupid TV programmes can’t stand the thought of those people... breeding. Never could.

From The Western Confucian.

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