Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan of Kiev leads pilgrimage to Holy Land
Reviving a tsarist tradition: most pilgrims were Russian

Russian Church Abroad bishop opposed to Moscow union transferred to South America
Undoing the well-meant damage (from exiles understandably still afraid of the Communists) of setting up altar against altar in the former USSR. The exile Church Abroad will go under the Patriarch of Moscow (that is, the Russian Church in the mother country) on the 17th May.

Fascinating: the various factions of Anglicanism are flying apart as are the well-meaning do-it-yourself anglicans (small a — they’re not invited to Lambeth) in the Charismatic Episcopal Church (I’m acquainted online with some former members), and RC traditionalists are still being teased with that rumoured motu proprio, but this not unsubstantial part of the Catholic world (the Russian Church is the world’s biggest Orthodox one) is coming together.

Serbian Orthodox say no to liturgical changes
What happens in a church where such change really is organic and happens very slowly. Hooray for having some priest’s prayers ‘in a low voice’ just like the Roman Mass. From Samer al-Batal.

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