Thursday, June 28, 2007

Apparently the motu proprio is real
Gaudent angeli! Now let’s see if anything comes of it.

Here’s more on this.

Le Croix has confirmed the story.

A vocation for Anglicanism
Fr Jay Scott Newman, a conservative Novus Ordo priest not sympathetic to bringing back the Roman Mass, recently wrote:
Everything we experienced in the [RC] parish church this morning is alien to our tradition and not in keeping with the doctrine or discipline of the Church; it was foisted on us during a time of cultural upheaval and chaos, and in due course, we will be rid of it. Meanwhile, everything we experienced in the [Anglican] Cathedral this morning is Catholic in its origin: the building, the music, the words, the vestments, the ritual, the ethos of prayer. Perhaps in the Providence of God these things had to be kept for us against that day when we would forget our own patrimony and no longer know how to worship the living God in spirit and in truth. All we have to do is reclaim our birthright.

Perhaps now...
[Roman] Catholics can recover our own patrimony from unlikely places. Or not so unlikely; after all... we must remember where it all came from in the first place.
Thomas Day has explained why so many are not interested in doing that.

From Incarnatus.

In any event if the rumour is true thank the Pope for the chance to bring Western Catholic practice back to its rightful place alongside this.

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