Saturday, June 23, 2007

Awful corporate lingo
The classic middle-class act as Paul Fussell described
‘Vienna Station received another signal from Locksmith this morning, fully prioritised.’
‘Er... prioritised, sir.’
‘Will you be around for initialling appropriation orders later in the afternoon, sir?’
‘Well, young Reeve, after a brief luncherising and half an hour’s memorandorising Cabinet, I’ll be at Lord’s.’
‘Right, sir.’
‘So if you want me to signatorise anything, send Simon Hesketh-Harvey round, he’s a member. Now I must go and lavatorise. And while I’m away for God’s sake try and learn to speak English.’
— Stephen Fry from The Liar

I really shouldn’t complain — Deo gratias, I don’t work in a place that talks like this and the people who do use pseudo-words like these give me lots to do! (Rewriting their articles and press releases, putting them into real English.)

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