Friday, June 29, 2007

Facts, history and speculation
From’s Scott Horton:
Most Americans can't believe that their government maintains an overseas empire of as many as 1,000 military bases.
More than Britain at the height of empire.
We don't want empire, but we have one. Since the end of the second World War, the people of the United States and of the world have had to deal with the terrible consequences of our country's involvement. It turns out it's nearly impossible to turn a limited constitutional republic into a globe-spanning, war-making leviathan and then go back again.
My views on WWII:
The Battle of Britain was won. The Germans had no ability to mount a successful land invasion of England – or even an unsuccessful one. If they had, certainly the English would have stashed the queen [sic: HM’s mild-mannered father, King George VI, reigned then] away somewhere and fought an insurgency as ruthlessly as the French, Russians, and Serbs, among others.
There were plans to do just that.

BTW I’ve known Russian and Ukrainian insurgents who fought on the German side trying to get rid of the USSR.
The British empire may have been lost without U.S. help, but in the end, it was anyway.

However, the USSR was preserved by American intervention. The U.S.-UK invasion of Europe simply popped the lid off the jar wherein the two most despicable regimes in the world were stuck fighting each other. Had America not helped, the Soviets would likely have met defeat, with the vastly overextended Nazi empire on course for the same fate soon after. Instead, Stalin enslaved half of Europe, helped Communists seize power in China, killed millions more, and ultimately provided the pretext for America's dominion over the Old World's empires for the next half-century.

(The Holocaust was never a reason for American intervention. Indeed, Roosevelt delayed doing anything about the death camps for as long as he could.)
He ended up giving a chunk of Catholic Europe to the Communists.

Former US President Herbert Hoover:
In June 1941, when Britain was safe from German invasion due to Hitler's diversion to attack Stalin, I urged that the gargantuan jest of all history would be our giving aid to the Soviet government. I urged that we should allow those two dictators to exhaust each other. I stated that the result of our assistance would be to spread Communism over the whole world. ... The consequences have proved that I was right.

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