Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The gay bomb
Geoff Kors is probably right that it wouldn’t have worked — and that orientation is immutable (and those with same-sex temptations deserve our charity) — but besides Joshua Snyder’s points it shows how wrong conservative Protestants’ belief, since the late-1960s cultural upheaval, in the military as some kind of defender or bastion of morality is

As an old rector — sound from his biretta to his buckled shoes — was a rating in the Royal Navy in World War II and a friend served aboard an American destroyer based in the Philippines (wild times!) during the Vietnam War I already knew that.

The biggest strategic mistake in US history
Were our founding fathers here, they would surely look on Iraq with horror and judge that the nation they created had fundamentally lost its way.
Ezra Pound and Confucius on foreign policy
The principle of good is enunciated by Confucius; it consists in establishing order within oneself. This order or harmony spreads by a sort of contagion without specific effort. The principle of evil consists in messing into other peoples’ affairs.
‘Acquire the spirit of peace and a thousand will be converted’ as St Seraphim of Sarov is said to have put it.

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