Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A good one about tolerant conservatism
You know, I am actually... liberal about doctrine — not quite: I am dogmatic about doctrine, but liberal about other people's difficulties with doctrine. There are some good pastoral priests I know who have real difficulty saying parts of the Creed — sometimes able to say it only as a statement of the belief of the universal Church or to say it with a desire to believe — but they do not publicly teach or affirm their doubts, fears or dark nights of the soul.

I want them to teach and preach what they vow to do, not to undermine my church or make it a laughing stock. I'm not advocating hypocrisy — that they can believe one thing as long as they teach what the Church believes, just recognising that we're human and the course of true faith, like true love, sometimes doesn't run smoothly. But if their crises of faith are permanent they need to examine their consciences as to whether they can remain as priests in the church.
— From Ship of Fools

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