Monday, June 11, 2007

In Iraq’s four-year looting frenzy, the allies have become the vandals
Samer al-Batal writes: Via The Roving Medievalist (Photographs, glorious photographs! Blog’s policy, quoting Chesterton: ‘Don’t believe anything you can’t put in coloured pictures.’ Look at some of Jeffrey Smith’s other blogs, including one dedicated to Britain. Here is his profile.)

As Mr Smith says: ‘Just read the blasted thing. It won’t do my blood pressure any good to talk about it.’
That western civilisation should have been born in so benighted a country as Iraq may seem bad luck. But only now is that birth being refused all guardianship, in defiance of international law. If this is Tony Blair's "values war", then language has lost all meaning. British collusion in such destruction is a scandal that will outlive any passing conflict. And we had the cheek to call the Taleban vandals.
On protecting an occupied nation’s cultural heritage: international agreements and the United States’ treaty obligations
The relevant treaties discussed are Geneva Convention IV (and Protocol I) and the Hague Conventions (with protocols) of 1899, 1907 and 1954

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