Monday, June 25, 2007

More muscular interventionism
Barack Obama is not and never really was a peace candidate and thus not worth your default vote
While state legislator Obama opposed an immediate war with Iraq in 2002-03, he did not do so on anti-imperial or noninterventionist grounds. He opposed the war at a time when the idea was relatively unpopular, especially among his Chicago constituents.

Of course, Obama is being dishonest when he pretends that the U.S. government was trying to "ignore the rest of the world" prior to 9/11. Isolationism did not provoke the terrorists. On the contrary, the terrorist attack was partly a result of decades of U.S. intervention overseas--precisely the kind of meddling that Obama euphemistically calls "maintaining a strong foreign policy, pursuing our enemies, and promoting our values around the world."
Well, what did you expect from the establishment left? Woodrow Wilson could have said that. The twist now is that the right — not to be confused with free-trade, mind-your-own-business real conservatives — are just like them.

From CounterPunch via the LRC blog.

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